Stress and burnout are already a global pandemic and are a threat to most companies and in general to our modern society.

Stress diminishes physical health, cognitive capability, and emotional resilience hence, jeopardising workplace and organisations in turn. This hasalready been recognised by many companies and wellness programs are luckly being implemented, in some cases, even enforced by well-being laws.

On the other hand, companies are facing challenges to comply with these new rules, including difficulties to bring efficient and successful programmes. Most of these initiatives are limited to non-smoking or nutrition programmes, fitness subscriptions and stress and burnout awareness theoretical trainings.

Although this is already great, none of these approaches work in depth on the individuals’ well-being and his own power to build more resilience in his life overall, and hence, true lasting and visible benefits are limited.

On the other hand,  Mindfulness meditation (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – MBSR – 8-week programme) has been successfully introduced by many companies around the world as part of wellness programmes. For over decades, MBSR has been proven to be an effective means to help and tackle stress and chronic pain in various clinical and non clinical context via cultivating awareness and self-acceptance. Mindfulness-based interventions are nowadays almost necessity to anyone who wants engage on a real path towards a more balanced inner and outer life.

However, the practice of mindfulness meditation requires certain level of discipline, focus, commitment and most of all time and patience in order to truly experience its multiple benefits. On the other hand, used as a stress reduction technique, this subtle and, sometimes slow process, works at a the cognitive neocortical level, so still missing the core fact that our bodies and nervous system already have a biological mechanism to calm stress.

TRE® taps into the body’s natural and innate self-regulation mechanisms, going straight to the root of the issue and empowering individuals to self-regulate their own nervous systems from the inside out in easy and safe manner. In this way, TRE® is an effective method for deep and lasting stress reduction by improving employees’ resilience almost effortlessly.

Whilst practiced in group, TRE® is an amazing self-empowering burnout prevention tool, that could bring a sense of safety to the individuals and its relation with colleagues and the workplace through the engaging connection and the community sense. This in turn will have powerful effects in minimizing absenteeism  and maximizing workplace wellbeing and performance.

“Are you ready to offer to your organisation the opportunity to learn a unique, self-empowering stress reduction practice?”

What TRE® brings to your employees?

Simple to learn, easy to practice, TRE® is a great evidence-proven solution to stress management. A very concrete way to feel better and be better at work.

TRE® can be learned individually and in group settings. Auyantitude,  proposes companies a tailored-mode solution based on our unique 4-week TRE®  Discovery Journey programme. This is typically combined with individuals follow-up stress management coaching sessions to bring more benefits to employees thanks safe individual environment bringing a closer and tailored way follow-up according to their uniqueness.

Through a series of 4 workshops, employees will learn and understand the basics of the physiology and neuroscience of the stress response and, more importantly, they will be able to relate these concepts to the TRE® practice in their own body and experience, tapping into their innate relaxation mechanisms.

Thanks to this practice, they will learn how to release the accumulated tension muscular patterns in your body and in their nervous system to be able to return to a calm and centered state at will.

Additionally, employees are encouraged to use the technique between workshops at home and to develop a regular practice to use the tremors and shaking to support and promote their own personal health, wholeness and to continuously bring more resilience to their personal and work life.

Thanks to a regular practice, employees will experience greater results and well-being that this empowering technique brings. It’s very likely that by the end of the series, they will improve their sleep, will feel more positive, open, more connected and be able to enjoy life and work more than they have in a long time.

What will your employees experience along this journey?

Through these programmes, employees will:
  • Be able to understand the basic physiology and anatomy of the stress response and the TRE® practice
  • Experience 4  guided TRE® group sessions provided by TRE® certified providers.
  • Have all the necessary resources, support and guidance for their home practice.
  • Benefit from a guided mindfulness meditation to help them to consolidate gains made during the session.
  • Have enough time for group sharing and Q&A at each session

It is very likely that by the end of the programme, they will be able to manage their own practice and be confident to develop and continue their practice at home.

TRE® in a nutshell

You can watch this short cartoon for simple and easy way to understand what TRE® is

TRE® (Tension & Stress Releasing Exercises) is a body-mind revolutionary technique that uses an innovative series of physical exercises that help the body to release deep muscular tensions and stress patterns, and encourage our body and our autonomic nervous system to return to its state of calm (homeostasis)

The technique was designed by the American Traumatologist Dr. David Berceli as the simplest and most effective way to stimulate and activate intentionally a natural reflex mechanism called “neurogenic tremors” in a safe and controlled way.

This vibration, which emerges from the inside of our organism, acts as a simple, pleasant and painless way to help us to recover our state of balance and well-being. This mechanism is part of our natural behavior as mammals and is the body’s own self-regulating and self-healing response to threats and difficulties.

TRE® is a great self-regulating tool. The natural therapeutic or neurogenic tremors help to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system.

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