We take your through a guided and supported 8 steps journey

This unique TRE® 8-week programme is designed to encourage your organism to naturally build resilience and gain back control of your well-being. It is a great an opportunity for you to learn how to release symptoms from your stress, anxiety, reduce insomnia, chronic pain and reduced the symptoms of trauma and tensions trapped in your body and in your nervous system.

We want you discover the innate body ability through “neurogenic tremors” to heal itself from past stressful experiences and to be able and increase resilience to better cope with our modern and hectic world for the future.

What to expect?

Through a step-by-step progressive TRE®  pathway, you will be able to become comfortable and confident with this natural, no talking and powerful life-changing practice.

The programme is divided in 2 journeys of 4 weeks each. This will allow you start build resilience better cope with stress, insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain and you will be able to discovering the wisdom and healing power of your own body.

At the end of this programme:

  • You will have be able to understand the basics physiology and anatomy of stress response and the practice
  • Be able to manage your own practice
  • Be confidant to develop and continue your practice at home
  • There will be time for journaling and discussion during each session.
  • Each session will end with an easy guided mindfulness meditation to help solidify gains made during the evening.

During this programme you will receive:

  • Supported guidance of 7  healing group sessions by TRE® certified providers
  • One (1) TRE® individual session of 1h-1h30 to provide a closer and more tailored follow-up adjustment in line your uniqueness.
  •  All the necessary resources to support and guide you through your home practice

Step-by-step Discovery

Step 1

Awakening your body

Step 2

Unwinding the stress

Step 3

My body is wise

Step 4

Empowering it

TRE® Discovery Journey

The TRE® Discovery Journey is a group learning experience ideal for those who do not know the technique and want to take the first steps in this pathway to develop your own TRE® practice, which is simple and profound way to relieve deep tensions that you can use any time – and anywhere – to shed accumulated stress. The TRE® Discovery Journey it is also open to anyone already familiar with TRE® but would like to develop a stronger practice in a supported way.

In this series of 4 sessions, you’ll be taught how to release the accumulated tension muscular patterns in your body and return to a calm and centred state at will. It’s very likely that by the end of the series, you will sleep better, have less anxiety, feel more connected, and enjoying life more than you have in a long time.

The TRE® Discover Journey includes 4 group sessions that vary between 2h to 2h30. This will take you step-by-step progressively to start exploration of this self-empowering practice. If you want to continue to the depths of your own practice, the  TRE® Deep Diving Journey will be ideal for you.

Step-by-step to the depths

Step 5

Beyond the shallow waters

Step 6

The undersea whispers

Step 7

Watch how I am diving.

Step 8

I deep dive

TRE® Deep Diving Journey

The  TRE® Deep Diving Journey takes you to an immersion to the depths of your TRE® practice.  This group learning experience is ideal for those willing to deepen their current TRE® practice after having completed our TRE® Discovery Journey.

This journey includes 3 group sessions of 2h and one (1h to 1h30) Individual private session. In the group sessions, you will learn how to use self-interventions to deepen and make your TRE® practice evolve. Private sessions allow you to tailor your practice to your uniqueness helping you progress even in more depth in the exploration of this self-empowering practice.

After the programme, with a regular and sustained practice you will get more of the beneficial effects and notice less insomnia, less anxiety and more energy.


TRE® Discovery

€ 160

Private individuals  (VAT incl.)
Book and pay on-line
TRE® Deep Diving

€ 180

Private individuals  (VAT incl.)
Book and pay on-line

Prices are VAT inclusive for Private individuals.  See prices for Self-Employed and Companies during REGISTRATION

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