We will teach the self-empowering
technique of TRE® in group sessions

This is ideal to experience TRE® and deepening your practice in a supported small group environment (maximum 10-12 people) to share and exchange your experience and uniqueness with others.

What to expect?

Once learned, TRE® can be used as needed, throughout one’s life.

The TRE® group sessions are open to anyone that has followed at least TRE® private session or with a regular practice. It is an ideal opportunity to deepen your experience in using the tremors and shaking to support and promoting personal health, wholeness and to continuously bring more resilience to your life.

The exercises and stretches are designed to gradually tire the muscles a little and invoke the natural shaking response of muscles which leads to the tension releasing effects on the body.

At all stages you will be safe and we will with you to ensure you are self-empowered and self-adjusting the exercises and shaking to a level that is comfortable to you throughout the entire session.

This 60-90 min classes will consists of:

  • TRE® principles quick overview
  • Guided TRE® Exercises
  • Relaxation and integration time
  • Experience group sharing and inquiring moment
  • Q&A



€ 25

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