Learn TRE®, this wonderful self-empowering technique, in a safe, private and individual setting

This is the ideal way to discover TRE® in in a private and safe individual environment and to be able to later on be accompanied, closely followed-up and supported by a certified TRE® provider in tailored way to your uniqueness.

What to expect?

A typical private session will begin with a brief théoretical explanation about TRE® (first session), or about your progress with the method and to answer any questions you might have.

After a brief check-up to ensure your health safety, you will be led step by step through each of the simple pre-exercises and stretches in standing and lying positions. The exercises and stretches are designed to gradually tire the muscles a little and invoke the natural shaking response of muscles which leads to the tension releasing effects on the body.

At all stages, you will be safe and we will with you to ensure you are self-empowered and self-adjusting the exercises and shaking to a level that is comfortable to you throughout the entire session.

At the end of the session, we will have a debriefing and sharing of your experiences and we will answer any questions and discuss your on-going use of TRE®.

Once learned, TRE® can be used as needed, throughout one’s entire life. To enjoy the great benefits of TRE®, we encourage you to have your own regular practice. Depending on each individual case, 3 times a week with a 10-15min shaking is the recommended initial dose.

A great way to support the practice is participating in our Release stress and build resilence group coaching programmes. This will allow individuals or learn the theoretical aspects of various somatic tools (including TRE® ) and to share there uniqueness in their TRE® process with others. This creates the sense of connection and community very important to ones healing process.

Our offer

Discovery TRE®

Discovery session
For people new to TRE® AND new clients to discuss your needs and to define the next steps to better serve you
Foresee between 1h15 – 2h00 according to your uniqueness
Book up to 48h in advance
Cancel/reschedule for free on-line 48h in advance
*4  guided sessions are the minimum advised for being able to practice TRE® autonomously

TRE® VIP Programme

bi-weekly 4 x 1h30 SESSIONS and follow-up
8 -week TRE® process with close and personalised follow-up
4 bi-weekly guided TRE® sessions of 1h30 (in person or online via Zoom/Skype)
4 bi-weekly 30min follow-up session (online via Zoom/Skype)
Email Q&A and weekly follow-up
*4  guided sessions are the minimum advised for being able to practice TRE® autonomously

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