Enriching and powerful. I didn’t know my body could talk to me the way it talks during TRE sessions. 

 What I liked about Fabricio’s teaching was the fact that he was gentle, respecting the limits of each body. Fabricio explains well the method and the’why’.

TRE has allowed me to find a method to relieve stress in any crises situation, and to release it anywhere at anytime. A method to feel calm and to listen better to your body. Before I started the sessions, it was as if my body was an entity completely separate from my brain. Now I can feel the connection between the two.

It’s an easy method for everyone. I talk to people about it, and I do TRE at home if I need to. I think this method could be great for businesses environments and generally speaking in our society overall, where well-being often disappears in the background.

I do recommend TRE and I will recommend Fabricio and his services to others. I do it regularly because I am convinced that it is a good method.

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