What is Somatic Experiencing® (or SE®)?

Somatic Experiencing® (or SE®), founded by Dr. Peter Levine, is a body-centred therapeutic approach to reduce the impact of traumatic or overwhelming life situations and chronic stress. S.E.® is an integrative psychophysiological (mind-body) approach that has its roots in neurobiology and is a form of somatic therapeutic framework that works with the physiology of the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS).

“‘Trauma is not in the event but in the nervous system’”

Dr. Peter LevineFounder of Somatic Experiencing®

SE® is a framework which therefore allows the Nervous System to integrate the trauma and, by doing so, to deactivate the emotional charge which has been trapped in the body, making it possible to return to a normal life. The charge of adrenaline immobilised in the system can then be released, allowing the individual’s Nervous System to “unload”, as well as to take a step back or distance from the event.

It allows the individual’s Nervous System to regain the necessary time and space and to recontact the reactivity that was missing during the traumatic shock, i.e. to end avoidance, to complete unfinished motor actions, to reorient oneself in one’s environment.

The S.E.® offers you an experience of incarnation of your own body where there has been a disconnection, caused by these stressful experiences and is practiced through the exploration of body sensation, empathic presence (co-regulation), awareness of the contraction and expansion of the body

What are the SE® benefits?

SE® helps to build resilience and resources to untangle and release blockages and limit toxic unconscious patterns through a very subtle but extremely powerful methodology. This will help you to live a more authentic, richer, happier life and more secure and fulfilling relationships.

Watch the video of Dr. Peter Levine speaking about the SE approach and its benefits

How is it practiced?

Somatic Experiencing® is a tool that is used as the main approach of Integrative Somatic Coaching as a powerful way to unlock the potential behind the stuck energy in the client’s body and nervous system that ways way beyond cognitive or rational ideas.

Hence, through specialised workshops, both the theoretical and practical aspects can be experienced and integrated into your day-to-day life. Understanding how your nervous system works and those of others around you and how you can use your body awareness are one of the most powerful tools we can have to empower ourselves towards healing and mental and physical wellness.

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