Feeling overwhelmed with stress? Struggling with chronic pain and fatigue? Having difficulty sleeping?

These are all common signs of anxiety and trauma, but there is a self-help tool that can help. TRE®, or Tension, Stress, and Trauma Releasing Exercises from Dr. David Berceli are an incredible way to start reconnecting with your body, improve your mental and emotional health, reduce the effects of anxiety and trauma, and increase resilience. Let’s take a look at how TRE® can help you in your physical and mental health journey.

How Does TRE® Work?

TRE® is based on the idea that our bodies have an innate capacity for healing from distress through shaking and trembling. By activating this natural reflex mechanism called “neurogenic tremors” or “neurogenic vibrations”, we can effectively release tension in the body caused by stress, trauma, tension, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome—you name it! The vibrations or shaking movements gently activate the body’s natural ability to restore balance.

TRE® is designed as an easy-to-follow set of exercises that anyone can do at home or in a group setting. In just three steps (warmup exercises to prepare the body for tremor activity; seven postures intended to activate the tremors; relaxation exercises to integrate the experience into your body) you will begin engaging in this process of releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and trauma held in your body. By engaging in TRE®, you will find yourself feeling relaxed yet energized—free from tension while also feeling a sense of greater physical balance.

Benefits of Practicing TRE®

The benefits of practicing TRE® are numerous. Not only does it help reduce symptoms related to stress such as headaches, insomnia or chronic fatigue syndrome—it also helps improve overall well-being by helping you better cope with stressful situations more effectively. Additionally, regular practice helps build psychological resilience which allows us to better handle difficult emotions like fear or anger without losing control or having them overwhelm us completely. Finally, regular practice helps us become more mindful about our bodies so that we can better recognize when something is off balance within us before it becomes too much for us to handle emotionally or physically.

When practiced regularly over time―even 10 minutes per day―TRE® will help improve our physical health by reducing symptoms associated with stress such as headaches or chronic pain; our mental health by building psychological resilience; and our emotional well-being by allowing us to better manage difficult emotions without losing control or being overwhelmed by them completely.

I invite you to learn more about TRE® by watching our video below! With regular practice over time you’ll begin reaping its many benefits – both physically & mentally – allowing you to live life more fully & joyfully!