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Auyantitude coaching form recognises clients as experts in their personal and professional lives and starts from the premise that they are creative and resourceful people.

Coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a coachee that allows him/her to achieve a better balance in his/her life or career and improve his/her quality of life.)

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What is Integrative Somatic Coaching?

The Intégrative Somatic Coaching uses the latest advances in neuroscience and mind-body therapy approaches.  It combines classic conversational coaching modalities (TA, NLP, NVC, etc.) with unconventional body-centred techniques (soma) to harness the subconscious (subcortical), nervous system and natural healing power of the body to achieve real deep and lasting results and for a real transformation. These somatic techniques are centred on the latest advances in the stress and trauma theories based the modern understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The Integrative Comatic Coaching combines several more holistic mind-body modalities, such as symbolic approaches, mindfulness,   TRE® and Somatic Experiencing®.

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Integrative Somatic Coaching Discovery session


For new clients to discuss about your needs and to define next steps

During this session (in person or online), I will explain to you how I can best serve you on your journey as well as the working modalities and  pricing

Book up to 48h in advance

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