We take your through a guided and supported 8 steps journey

This unique 8-week coaching programme is anchored on TRE® and is infused by mindfulness. It also includes Somatic Experiencing® principles. Conceived as a coaching programme that is designed to encourage and to accompany your organism to naturally build resilience and gain back control of your well-being. It is a great an opportunity for you to learn how to reduce symptoms from stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and release  trauma and tensions trapped in your body and in your nervous system.

We want you discover the innate body ability through “neurogenic tremors” to heal itself from past stressful experiences and to be able and increase resilience to better cope with our modern and hectic world for the future. We want you to learn these powerful somatic tools and use them for life.

What to expect?

This programme is step-by-step progressive TRE®  pathway that includes mindfulness practices, Somatic Experiencing® principles and psycho-neurophysiology education. Thanks to these, you will be able to become comfortable and confident with these natural, no talking and powerful life-changing practices.

The coaching programme is divided in 2 journeys of 4 weeks each. This will allow you start building resilience to better cope with stress, insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain.

You will be able to discover the wisdom and the healing power of your own body.

With this coaching programme, you will:

  • Be able to understand the basic physiology and anatomy of the stress response and the relate these concepts to the practice.
  • Be introduced to several somatic and grounding tools that you can include in your practice and in everyday life.
  • Be introduced to the Polyvagal Theory as the core neurophysiological background to understand the nervous sytem and its relation with stress, trauma and safety.
  • You will be able to manage your TRE® own practice
  • Be confident to develop and to continue your TRE® practice at home.
  • Benefit during and at the the end of each session of mindfulness meditations as a means to help you to solidify gains made during each workshop.
  • Have time for group sharing and Q&A at each session.

During this coaching programme you will receive:

  • All the theoretical background needed to understand the practice
  •  7  guided TRE® group sessions by TRE® certified providers
  • One (1) TRE® individual session of 1h-1h30 to provide a closer and more tailored follow-up adjustment in line your uniqueness.
  • You will have all the necessary resources to support and guide for your home practice and support between sessions

Throughout this coaching programme, you will be able to manage your TRE® own practice and it is very likely that by the end of it you willl be confident to develop further and continue your TRE® practice at home

Step-by-step Discovery

Step 1

Awakening your body

Step 2

Unwinding the stress

Step 3

My body is wise

Step 4

Empowering it

Embodying your resilience - Discovery Journey

The Embodying your resilience  – Discovery Journey is a group coaching and learning experience ideal for those who do not know the technique and want to take the first steps in this pathway to develop their own TRE® practice and get a taste to mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing® principles.

Along with the embodiment practices (that work at the subcortical level), the psycho-neurophysiological education is an integral part of this programme to allow participants to better integrate these practices from the cognitive(neocortical) point of view.

TRE® a is simple and profound way to relieve deep tensions that you can use any time – and anywhere – to shed accumulated stress. The Embodying your resilience  – Discovery Journey  it is also open to anyone already familiar with TRE® but would like to develop a stronger practice in a supported way.

In this series of 4 workshops, you’ll be taught how to release the accumulated tension muscular patterns in your body and return to a calm and centred state at will.

It’s very likely that by the end of the series, you will sleep better, have less anxiety, feel more connected, and enjoying life more than you have in a long time.

If you want to continue to the depths of your own practice, the Embodying your resilience  – Deep Diving Journey will be ideal for you.

TRE® in a nutshell

You can watch this short cartoon for a simple and easy way to understand what TRE® is

TRE® (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises ) is a body-mind technique that uses an innovative series of physical exercises that help the body to release deep muscular tensions and stress patterns, and encourage our body and our autonomic nervous system to return to its state of calm (homeostasis)

The technique was designed by the American Traumatologist Dr. David Berceli as the simplest and most effective way to stimulate and intentionally activate a natural reflex mechanism called “neurogenic tremors” in a safe and controlled way.

This vibration, which emerges from the inside of our organism, acts as a simple, pleasant and painless way to help us recover our state of balance and well-being.

This mechanism is part of our natural behavior as mammals and is the body’s own self-regulating and self-healing response to threats and difficulties.

TRE® is a great self-regulating tool. The natural therapeutic or neurogenic tremors help to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system.

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