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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing

Build stress resilience with TRE®

Tension and Stress Releasing Exercises(TRE®) allows you to shake off stress & calm your autonomic nervous system to build resilience

Life and career coaching

Coaching allows you to find a better balance and improve you life or career. It recognises you as expert, creative and resourceful in your own life

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Using a body-mind holistic approach through TRE®, mindfulness and coaching services, Auyantitude will accompany you to better manage stress, increase resilience and find your inner and outer harmony, success and well-being.

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Career consulting and guidance

Build resilience in 8 weeks

With our TRE® 8-week group program you will learn how to better manage stress and increase resilience to cope with our modern and hectic world

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January, 26


Empodérate y libérate del estrés | Combo de Iniciación al TRE®


T R E ®

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We strive to share with you self-empowering, evidence-based and efficacy-proven, stress and tension relief and personal and professional development practices

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Learn about the stories of those who have trusted us and made a change in their lives

“Enriching and powerful. I didn't know my body could talk to me the way it talks during TRE® sessions.”

Julie KowalskiProject Manager
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